Math Learning Lab: Basic Algebra Skills

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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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Phase 1 DB2 Part 1 and Part 2-Primary Task Response
January, 2012

Part 1 Confirmation of MyLabsPlus login
I was able to login to MyLabsPlus with my username and password. Part 2 Primary Task Response
1. I went into the learning lab and in the mathematics section I chose the presentation titled “Basic Algebra Skills-Real numbers & Algebraic Equations, Exponents & Scientific Notation, Radicals & Radical Exponents, and Polynomials”. I chose this presentation because I felt I needed to remember algebraic equations, exponents and polynomials. I have not had algebra for many years so this presentation was a very good refresher. It reminded me about real numbers and algebraic expressions and square roots. It was good to be reminded about the steps you take in algebra to solve an equation such as: 1. Perform operations within the innermost parenthesis first and working outward. 2. Evaluate all exponential expressions. 3. Perform multiplications and divisions as they occur, working from left to right. 4. Perform additions and subtractions as they occur, working from left to right. Overall the presentation was a very good reminder. I am happy I watched this particular presentation. I definitely will benefit by visiting the learning lab math center because I have not had algebra in many years and I will need the extra help to learn. 2. I would explain to the programmers in my new job that a mathematical expression is a phrase or a sentence fragment with a variable that has to be simplified and has no relation symbol. And that a mathematical equation is a sentence that you solve and has a relation symbol and is a statement that two numbers or expressions are equal. A couple of mathematical examples of the difference between an expression and an equation is: 1. Mathematical expression – 1. z + 2 × (7 - z) 2. A number is less than five. x < 10. 2. Mathematical equation – 1. 6 =6 2. 15 = 2 + 13

A real...
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