Material World

Pages: 4 (1027 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Title:“The Material World”
General Purpose:To inform.
Specific Purpose:To inform the audience of what materialism is and the impact it has on society. Design:Topical

Attention GetterHow many people do we all know who want to be rich? I know I do, but does money actually do for us? B.C. Forbes once said, “The be-all and end-all of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world.”

Adapt to SelfI’m aware I’m not the biggest saint when it comes to spending, so I know I am effected by this common problem in society. Like many, I know sometimes I think, “Wow! What if I became a millionaire over night?”

Adapt to AudienceWe as humans, all have certain things we like to spend on. Of course the more money we have, the easier it is to give our selves basic needs in life like shelter, transportation, and food. But when is it too much? Living in the great city of Miami, I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of somewhat ridiculous spending habits at one point or another.

Credibility Statement Chaplin and John asked groups of people in a study what made them happy, their answers were shockingly revolved around material items and money.

PreviewSince we all deal with some sort of materialism on an everyday basis, today I’d like to talk to you about what exactly what materialism is, the professional viewpoints, and our own viewpoints on what we see and what we are tempted into buying.

Transition (To begin, let’s start with a basic question.)


I. What is materialism?
A. Materialism is the importance a consumer attaches to worldly possessions. 1) When you lose interest in intellectual and spiritual values and begin to focus on money and possessions, you might be a bit materialistic.

Transition (Now, let’s take a look at some of the professional viewpoints.)

II. Psychologists have done study after study to try to correlate materiality with happiness and high-self esteem. B. Some...
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