Master Filmaker Akira Kurosawa

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  • Published : November 25, 2005
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"I believed at the time that for Japan to recover, it was important to place a high value on the self. I still believe this." - Akira Kurosawa

As the first Japanese film director with international notoriety, Akira Kurosawa had a reputation as an artist and scholar that was tremendously admired. In addition he had remarkable stylistic influence on international filmmaking. Many who are interested in films or filmmaking are deeply impressed by the level of Kurosawa's vision and his numerous film achievements. Also, the universal themes of ethics; and the humanism of Akira Kurosawa's films made him a fantastic representation of Japan's cultural reshaping post World War II. Mr. Kurosawa's work is not confined by politics, age, or gender, but is shaped by the challenges of existence and being human.

Born in 1910 to a family of samurai background; formally trained as a painter and deeply influenced by his brother, who translated foreign films for the Japanese audience. Which gave him great exposure to international film of many genres. Eventually this exposure would channel into the film works or Akira Kurosawa. As well as his philosophy of humanism and social consciousness that drive his themes; the life lesson quest for happiness with others runs through his historical action films and dramas set in postwar Japan. Exposing the corrupt, the loss of personal identity and the struggles of social pressure that plague modern living.

Mr. Kurosawa's career covered almost 60 years. He is generally characterized as a hard working director deeply dedicated to the craft of filmmaking. This dedication is apparent by his extensive resume as a screenwriter, director, and film editor. Filmmakers in Japan or anywhere else in the world have rarely matched Kurosawa. His entire body of work carries ethical strength, intelligence and artistic influence that very few directors can challenge. What seemed to most invigorate him were his plans for the next film. He...
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