Topics: Construction, Project management, Building Pages: 8 (2077 words) Published: May 24, 2013
International Conference on Chemical, Civil and Environment engineering (ICCEE'2012) March 24-25, 2012 Dubai

Abandonment of Building Projects in Nigeria- A Review of Causes and solutions Olapade. Olalusi and Anthony. Otunola

Abstract—In Nigeria many housing projects are either
uncompleted or out rightly abandoned. The paper investigated possible causes of project abandonment, its impact on the immediate community, contribution to infrastructural decadence and environmental pollution. Information was collated through personal interview, questionnaire administration, and review of existing literature and journals which formed the data base. While the data analysis showed that non functional Government policies, defective procurement procedures, incompetent contractors, defective design and so on contributed significantly to project abandonment. It was concluded that non-utilization of competent consultants and contractors, inconsistencies in Government policies, poor location of infrastructural facilities, defective cash flow and lack of adequate control in monitoring resources accounts for thousands of abandoned projects. It was recommended that transparency, fairness, accountability, honesty and integrity should be the culture while National Construction Bank is to be established to rejuvenate several abandoned construction projects.

of an owner’s legal right to a building, or the demolition of a building.” An abandoned construction project is an uncompleted project in a time frame of a contract. Hence, there is urgent need to look inward and examine critical factors militating against project completion and occupation in accordance with its conception. II. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This research work intends to investigate factors that lead to construction projects being abandoned through the following stated objectives. 1. To identify the causes of abandonment of building projects. 2. To ascertain contributory factors to success and failure in the implementation of building projects by government and consultants. 3. To suggest workable solution to forestall the problems of abandoned building projects in Nigeria. This study is significant because elimination or reduction of the rate of abandonment shall improve provision of housing for all especially low-income earners, creation of employment opportunity for professionals in the construction industry, reduction of waste of fund, human and materials on the part of the client, as well as, enhanced physical and socio-economic development of the country amongst others. III.CAUSES OF ABANDONMENT OF BUILDING PROJECTS. Abandoned building projects can be described as the project that has started at an earlier date, but which the construction work for one reason or the other has stopped and such are not limited to buildings alone; roads, industrial structures, bridges, factories, dams, electricity, communication projects and so on are equally on the list. Studies by [7], have shown that a good number of building project initiated with good intentions are abandoned at different stages of the design and construction process. Some reasons advanced by [12], [9] for failed construction projects are: incorrect estimation; lack of available skilled personnel; inadequate planning; poor risk management; misunderstanding of the work requirement; poor quality control by regulatory agencies; corruption and communication gap among the personnel. Other factors are cost; the developer and the contractors; inability of clients to engage contractors or designers capability to do the work; failure on the part of 253

Keywords—Project, infrastructure, consultants, abandonment. I.INTRODUCTION


N Nigeria today, the landscape is littered with abandoned building, road, rail, ports and other infrastructural projects at all levels of governance from Local Government through the State Government to the Federal territory. Engineering project is described to be a scheme or an undertaken...
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