Mass Media Tv and Radio

Topics: Television, Radio, Talk show Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: January 16, 2011
TV and Radio

There are many mediums for information, entertainment and communication purposes. Such as internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and others.

In this individual talk I’m going to discuss two of them. That is- TV and Radio.

First I’m going to start with TV.

The TV is one invention, like the car, computer and wheel which has changed mankind and the way that we do virtually everything.

The TV was invented in the early part of the twentieth century and was only available in black and white.

And in nowadays almost every household owns at least one TV set. Flat screen television is occupying many of the homes and digital TV is not a miracle anymore as well.

Viewers can just sit there, flick through channels and choose anything they like- documentaries, soap operas, talk shows, sports, sitcoms, various foreign language programs and many more.

With technology becoming more and more advanced TV watchers after paying a little extra can have such options as recording favourite shows, sports games, films etc. if they don’t have time to watch it while they are broadcasted. With the press on remote controller people can create their own watch list, participate in various live contests, donate money, order food, buy certain items that they see on the infomercials, they can even forward the commercials or skip them at all while watching an interesting movie.

Consumer is given a greater power of control, but does it make him or her happier??? I really doubt it. ...

I have a friend who once said that the main evening question in their family is TV3 or LNK? Instead of talking in candle lights she and her husband are arguing over which politician is right and which is wrong, which TV celebrity is entertaining, and which is not. Instead of visiting places they are becoming more and more of the couch potatoes and not because they really want to but because it is an easier option.

I personally don’t own a TV and the only time I miss it...
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