Mass Media Analysis

Topics: Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell, Libya Pages: 8 (3133 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Part A: Print Media
(1) April 13th,2011 (NY Times and Philadelphia Inquirer)

The first article that I decided to compare was about the Libyan rebels. In The Inquirer, which is labeled as “Libyan rebels urge stronger US military role”, describes how Libya’s rebels are in need for defensive weapons against Gadhafi’s regime. The Anti-Gadhafi forces along with the Libyan rebels will not bend on their requests that any peace proposal will require Gadhafi and his inner circle to leave the country. Rebel spokesman Mahmoud Shammam said they will not give in on their demands to have Gadhafi and his inner circle removed from the country. The French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet believes that the British and French have been carrying the most of everything while the U.S. has reduced efforts and American forces are now in support, not combat, roles in the airstrike campaign and have made it unmanageable to loosen the noose around Misrata. In the NY Times, a similar article appears which is titled “Pace of Attacks in Libya Conflict Is Dividing NATO” describes how the United States is limiting itself to more of a supporting role in Libya. France and Britain called upon their allies and its partners to strengthen airstrikes on Libyan government troops to protect civilians. Also expressed in this article is how the United States has been working hard to restrict its role in the Libyan campaign, disagreeing that it has its agenda full with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. NATO is not only trying to acquire a more stable place for the rebels in Libya but also are trying to broker some negotiations where everyone can be happy. The second article was about the protests in Swaziland. In The Inquirer, this article is titled “Swaziland protests overwhelmed by violence”, which is about demonstrations for reforms in sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarchy are being met with violence by the police. Due to all this violence breaking out protests are starting to become extinct. The king Mswati III is being assessed about living lavishly whereas the Swazis are living in poverty, as well as suppressing human rights and harassing and jailing pro-democracy activists. In the NY Times, the article “Police Officers in Swaziland Squash Rally for Democracy”, tells the same tale. Organizers have called this the “April 12th Uprising”, which refers to 38 years ago, when King Sobhuza II had abandoned the country’s British-style Constitution and instead rid himself of remaining political parties. The kingdom consists of South Africa and Mozambique has over one million people and has the highest rates of unemployment and AIDS. The last article is about the issues in Bahrain. In the Inquirer, the article “Bahrain opposition: 4th supporter dies in custody” briefly discusses how one of Bahrain’s Shiite opposition supporters died while in police custody. The member of Al Wefaq which is Bahrain’s main opposition party died of “mysterious circumstances”. Family members say his body was covered in bruises and assume he died of torture. Since February, at least 30 people have been killed and hundreds more detained by Bahrain’s Shiite majority. On the other hand, in the NY Times, the article ‘Strife in Bahrain Sweeps Past Front Door of Hospital” talks about how Bahrain’s largest public hospital Salmaniya is home to Shiite conspirators trying to threaten the government. Security forces are hauling away patients and even doctors with the thought that they are members of the conspiracy against the government. This tends to instill fear in the healthcare workers of Bahrain so that they will not treat wounded demonstrators. Doctors in Bahrain now say going to work every day now leaves a calculated risk of being beaten, harassed, or taken away.

(2) April 13th, 2011 (Nation vs. National Review)

In the Nation, I decided to refer to the website and I found a very interesting article about how Turkey and Palestine are talking about cooperating in a...
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