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The mass media has greatly overstepped its bounds.
The mass media has used its position to sway the minds of the citizens. They often present information as if it were a fact when it is simply an opinion. This has been used quite often to spread liberal propaganda. Yes LimpingMurray93

Yes, the media over steps its own boundaries and stomps on the freedoms of others in its quest for higher ratings and more circulation. The mass media market is not about hard-hitting news anymore. It is about whatever gets them the most ratings and makes the most money. Because of this, news reporters are horrible at violating the rights of celebrities and other influential people, just to get some dirt on their lives. Worst of all, said celebrities have very few rights to defend themselves with, and more than one photographer has sued the person he was stalking for damages when the celebrity tried to fight back and break their camera, or something along those lines. The media market is a bunch of obsessive stalkers that the law ignores. Yes H_Baird

Yes. I believe that privacy is a human right, and the media continuously violates that right. One example would be the paparazzi chasing down celebrities in some of the most private moments of their lives. Regardless of social status, as human beings, we deserve some form of privacy. The need for society to have knowledge about a total stranger's personal business is not valid. People do not need to know everything about everyone. On a more relevant level, court hearings are a way for the media to involve the public in a situation that should remain private, as publicity can affect peoples opinions, and sometime the outcome of a case. This is not just. Yes R3gg43Wit

Yes, the media has become obsessed with invading celebrity's privacy and going too far in general. The mass media seems to overstep its boundaries constantly nowadays. This trend is seen the most with how the paparazzi invades celebrities' lives and cannot respect people's space. Also the increase in reality TV has made everyone think they can be a part of the media, which blurs the lines of what the public thinks is public versus private. Yes VincenzoB

The mass media oversteps it's boundaries by consistently taking sides in political debates. I believe that the role of mass media is to provide fact-based news to the masses. Too often mass media presents opinion pieces in which they discuss what is right and wrong. Typically, these pieces are presented as opinion pieces, but their prevalence leads many to assume it's the stance of the news organization. At the very least, it can influence the public's opinion too easily. Mass media should report the news without opinions and let the public make up their own mind. Yes IarsChrome

Yes, I agree that mass media sometimes go beyond its boundaries. There are many many instances these days. Mass Media carries some social responsibility, it should enable communication informing people responsibly with the factual knowledge without any kind of bias. These days, sometimes we can find many instances where in mass media had exceeded its boundaries providing information based on rumor or too much information or sometimes irrelevant information as well. Yes SaroM0vi3

The mass media absolutely oversteps its boundaries; they cause car crashes and instigate physical fights with celebrities. To see how the media oversteps its boundaries, you only need to look at the fatal car crash caused by paparazzi photographers when Princess Diana died, or the tasteless photos of Michael Jackson's corpse. Every single detail about someone's personal life is parlayed into a two-page spread of photos - who they're sleeping with, who they're cheating with, a nudity slip, even articles judging celebrities' toddlers/children and their dress sense or weight! I am far too young for this, but there was a time period where actors didn't have a camera or a microphone in their face every minute of every...
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