Mass Effect: Sci-Fi Gaming at Its Finest

Topics: Video game genres, Planet, Role-playing game Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Mitchell Gravatt
P. Dopp
ENG 102
October 18, 2012
Mass Effect: Sci-Fi Gaming at Its Finest
Bioware is a video game company known for its many famous game series such as Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, and Mass Effect. Mass Effect is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) style third-person shooter that has been released on the following consoles: Xbox 360, PC, and the Playstation 3. Mass Effect has many great things about it, an interesting storyline to follow, excellent graphics, and wonderful gameplay.

The storyline in Mass Effect is extremely creative, interesting, and fairly simple to follow. It’s an adventure through the stars and planets afar, trying to save the future of all races. Playing Mass Effect is like playing a movie (Gamer Excitement 2). It has a great space-age plot that draws you in and just envelops you into the story, and by the end of it leaves you wanting more. The characters in the story are so dynamically different, whether it’s just by their erratically different personalities or even being different races. It has everything. Game Informer Magazine describes Mass Effect as “one of the greatest science fiction stories ever told” (Gamer Excitement 1). This story involves the Human race trying to prove its strength and intelligence to numerous alien races, while trying to fight off enemy aliens that are planning the annihilation of all humans. Mass Effect is placed in the year 2183, and is about Commander Shepard, a human military officer in the Alliance Navy, and his journey throughout the universe. It starts off with Shepard being tested to become a Spectre, an elite force in galactic affairs. Along his journey he runs into Saren, a Turian (an alien race) possessed by an ancient Sentient Being known only as Sovereign, who is bent on galactic domination. Shepard must collect an elite team of soldiers of many different races and specialties on the road to beating Saren. Throughout this story, the characters...
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