Masculinity and Feminity in 30's

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Ramiro Fux
Amanda Maholtz
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Friday 9 Sept. 2011
Femininity and masculinity in the early 30’s
Femininity and masculinity or gender identity refers to the degree to which people see themselves as masculine or feminine given what it means to be a man or woman in society (Burke 1988). Femininity and masculinity are ideas imposed by society based on stereotypes that may change over time. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the author talks about how femininity and masculinity where defined in the early 30’s and the definition of those times is very different than the one that we have now taking in count as an example the long dresses and hats that the southern bells had to wear and the minishorts, miniskirts, and the low-cut shirts that woman prefer to wear now which leave very little work to the imagination.

In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee femininity and masculinity are roles defined by very clear and straight rules. A good example to take in count when we are talking about femininity is when Scout was going to school for the first time and she had to wear a dress, which was not so nice to her , and Aunt Alexandra told her that that’s the way educated women should dress. Aunt Alexandra also gives us a good example of femininity even though she sometimes has behaviors that can be seen as man conduct, like having more control in her family than her husband, this wasn’t common in the early 30’s because people believed in the patriarchy, (that man should have all the control in the families and they should be the ones who maintain the family by working), another stereotype that conforms the masculinity and femininity roles, but even though her man like behaviors she can be seen as a good example of how an educated and “fine” woman should be, because she was always dressed how women should dress with long dresses, hats, and that stuff, she had tea parties with her friends and she was always trying to make Scout to be a perfect lady like a...
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