Martin Luther King Civil Rights Leader

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Black people, Civil disobedience Pages: 4 (1709 words) Published: April 16, 2013
To what extent was Martian Luther King the most significant civil rights leader in the period between 1865-1992? It can be said that between this time of 1865-1992 MLK was a very significant civil rights leader, and in fact was the most important to the civil rights movement in this time. However there were many other leaders at the time that help progress blacks rights in the US at the time such as Booker T Washington, W E B DuBois, Ida B Wells, Malcolm X and many others, who all took apart in some way or another to push civil rights forward in the US. Some of the ways in which we can see that MLK was the most significant civil rights leader in this period is down to the fact that he is seen by many as the man who brought the blacks civil rights movement together, and was the glue to into keeping it that way. Before anything King said he was a minister and this carried with him throughout his campaign. He was seen as a great motivator and organiser, and brought together all parts of the black community, from the less educated blacks like DeBois and his following to many more. Within the year King formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957, which reacted to events and set up peaceful protests. Soon King was bringing help all around America for blacks trying to gain there civil rights this is seen through his support if Ella Baker and the NAACP when they started there sit in progress which was very successful, to help the freedom rides of 1961 where he gave his support in turn showing us how MLK helped promote black civil rights at the time. One of the most important things that MLK done was to gain white support for their cause, he done this very cleverly not just be his peaceful protest which helped but because he was a minster he brang a religious side into it which in turn made many whites want to support there cause and gave MLK and the civil rights movement a big platform ti stand one when bringing the march to Washington or...
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