Martin Luther

Topics: Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation, Philipp Melanchthon Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Hernandez, Savannah
May 30, 2013
Mrs. Pearson 1st Period
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Many intelligent leaders influenced this world. Martin Luther strongly disputed the freedom of Gods punishment. John Calvin, Karl Barth, and Philip Melanchthon wanted to make that change as well. All these leaders influenced people in the world, but Martin Luther made a stronger impact on the church. Martin Luther led an interesting life, achieved accomplishments, and impacted this world in a positive way.

Furthermore, Martin Luther had an interesting early life. He was born November 10, 1483. His hometown was in Saxony, in Modern Germany. He practically lived on his father’s farm. Luther’s mother, Margaret Luther, had many children to look after. Martin had lots of sisters and brothers, but he was only close to one. Martin Luther attended the Latin school, in Magdeburg. He studied grammar, rhetoric, and logic. Luther developed an early interest in monastic life.

Luther became career driven at a young age. When he was just 8 years old, he wanted to become a lawyer. In the year 1501, he applied and was accepted into the University of Erfurt. It was there that he earned his master’s degree in Art, while studying arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and philosophy. Later that year, he joined the Augustinian Monastery, keeping a promise he made to saint Anna. The years to follow would prove to be the defining period of his life that people today know him for, instilling the wrath of God in the world.

Later in 1525, Luther was married to Katherine von Bora. Katherine was sixteen years younger than he was. They had six children together after their marriage. They met by trying to escape from her nunnery. They both ended up in Wittenberg together when they first started to have communication. They had a few interests in common like gardening, writing, music and pleasures of life. They both loved playing chess, bowling, board games, and music. Then later they had a pet dog,...
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