Marriage: the Indian Way

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Marriages are the biggest form of celebration for any family in India. Indian marriages are known for its grandeur, celebration and naach/gaana. Feasts, shimmering attires, huge guests lists are all part of this big celebration. Marriages in India are not just the union of 2 people but also their families, relatives and friends.

The traditions and customs differ in different regions and states as per religions, languages, social strata and locations. eg. There is difference between a Punjabi wedding and a South Indian Wedding. But even in such diversity, there is a lot of similarity like marriages being a costly affair, the color red being prominent, jewelry on the bride, the banquet of food, and the 'bidhaai' of the bride. We'll take a glance at some of the common aspects in Indian weddings.

Customs and Traditions: In India, there are many different castes, religious and regional differences in the type of marriages conducted. But some of the traditions are common among all the Indians.

Arranged Marriages: In India, family is given a lot of importance and parents have a huge role when it comes to deciding their son's or daughter's wedding. When a girl or a boy reaches a marriageable age, their parents start looking out for prospective or suitable grooms. Though this practise is slowly deteriorating, it is still a widespread practise in many Indian families. There is a 'broker' who plays as the intermediator between two families and if both parties approve, they go ahead with other proceedings.

Wedding Ceremony: The Indian weddings consists of 3 days - pre-wedding day, the main day, post-wedding day. This again varies among different religious and regional practices.

Engagement and Mehendi:The ceremony of mehendi is prevalent more or less in every caste and region. It is celebrated mostly at bride's place where female friends and relatives of the bride gather to put henna on bride's feet and hand. Among the other rituals garland ceremony is the...
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