Marks and Spencer

Topics: Economics, Economy, Economic system Pages: 5 (1280 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Brunel Business School
Master of Science
TITLE: International Business Economics: MODULE CODE: MG5571

Coursework (2500 word count) - Term 1(30%)
You can either go over or under the word count by 10%

PG: grades: A, B, C, D, E, F

Hand Out Date:1st September 2012
Deadline:Thursday 6th December 2012 submitted [on or before 12pm UK time, midday –lunchtime]

Module Learning Outcomes

The module provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas and by the end of this module, learners must be able to:

1. Critically assess the main economic structures and activities in today’s economic market. 2. Demonstrate a rational and systematic approach to the importance of economic relationships within the international economic system as these affect business planning, measurement and control and the forces behind globalization, liberalization and cross-border business and resource movements 3. Apply systematically appropriate concepts, principles and rational arguments leading to the formulation and critical evaluation/assessment of policy decisions relating to a variety of international business economics issues and problems. 4. Demonstrate the variety of skills, including data collection, relevant and specific to problem solving in international business economics including international trade issues.

Guidance Notes

Learning Outcomes 1-4 are covered in this Coursework

Coursework (2500 word count) - Term 1(30%)

There are four main criteria in the marking scheme with relative weighting that indicate their importance in the coursework. 1. Background/Introduction of the subject area/Definitions
The answer should demonstrate an excellent grasp of the subject area under investigation. Key concepts and principles must be clearly defined, main themes identified, well explained and well structured. The answer must be focused and coherent with supporting explanation.

2. Critical review of relevant theories of International business economics The answer should demonstrate critical review of the relevant theories of international business economics and to apply rational arguments in relation to trade and specialization.

3. Findings/Conclusions/ Assignment length, overall structure, referencing/Bibliography The answer should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of how to analyze appropriate concepts and principles with relevant examples. The analysis of this work must be well structured with good conclusive remarks and presented effectively and appropriately. References in the most part must be properly formatted and cited. The assignment length must be strictly adhered to.

Coursework Assessment

Coursework (2,500 word count)30%

Discuss in depth the defining characteristics of globalization and evaluate the benefits of globalization in relation to the fast growing emerging economies. Explain your answer with relevant examples and arguments.


Criteria| Grade descriptors|
Critical review of relevant economic concepts and principles and main themes of the coursework correctly identified with rational arguments (40%)| A. Clear demonstration and a critical, sophisticated and thorough review of international business economic concepts and principles and the application of analytical skills with excellent use of several appropriate references| B. Clear demonstration of a well-developed and comprehensive understanding of international business economic concepts and principles with good use of some appropriate references.| C. Demonstration of a substantial review of international business economic concepts and principles with a basic use of a few references. | D. Provides evidence of some understanding of international business economic principles and concepts with the use of at least one reference or few...
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