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1) What do you think have been the marketing communications and advertising objectives of Asia Pacific Breweries for Tiger Beer from 1932 to 2008? What should be the appropriate marketing communications and advertising objectives from 2008 onwards? Why?

Marketing Communications is the promotion part of the 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion and Place) in the marketing mix. It comprises messages and related media used to communicate with a market. In a recent context, marketing communications programs that coordinate across all promotional elements to provide a consistent message across all audiences is referred to as integrated marketing communications. Advertising objectives are objectives, usually in the form of messages, the particular advertising campaign hopes to communicate to the target audience.

The marketing communications and advertising objectives for Tiger Beer from 1932-2008 are varied and can be classified across different stages of Tiger Beer’s product life cycle. With each stage of Tiger Beer’s product life cycle, different promotional objectives are set resulting in different advertising objectives. It is important to note that Tiger Beer, as a product, is characterized as low complexity, low risk and have low level of ancillary services needed. Therefore, in Tiger Beer’s integrated marketing communications plan, one would expect to see more forms of mass promotional elements such as advertising, public relations and sales promotion as compared to personal selling and direct marketing.

1932 – Introduction Stage of Product Life Cycle
In 1932, Tiger Beer, a new product, was introduced into the beer market by the now known Asia Pacific Breweries. At this stage, the primary promotional objective was informing consumers in an effort to increase the level of awareness for Tiger Beer. It relied on advertising as an important means to reach out to as many people possible to build up awareness and interest. Forms of advertising that Tiger Beer relied upon were newspapers and television. With regard to public relations, The Straits Time also provided fairly generous publicity of Tiger Beer’s launch. Tiger Beer’s advertising objectives during this phase was to inform the beer market that it was a beer of world class quality that was Asian in origin.

Pre-80s to Mid-90s– Growth Stage of Product Life Cycle
Tiger Beer has consolidated itself as a leading brand in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam and seeks further consolidation in the ASEAN market. At this stage, the primary promotional objective of Tiger Beer was to persuade the consumers to buy Tiger Beer over its competitors. Advertising which stresses brand differences was therefore a primary promotional element in Tiger Beer’s promotional mix. Tiger Beer’s advertising objectives during this phase was to persuade the beer market to drink Tiger Beer rather than other brands. An example would be the television advertising campaign during this period which sought to feature Tiger Beer as the beer for winners. Tiger Beer also generated publicity in the form of sponsoring the Tiger Cup, a biennial ASEAN Football tournament and set up a football club, Tiger FC, for hardcore fans to get together to watch and discuss football. By identifying itself with the game of football, it persuades football fans who are frequent consumers of beer to choose Tiger Beer instead.

Mid-90s to 2008 –Maturity Stage of Product Life Cycle
It is important to note that though Tiger Beer can be defined as a mature product in its stronghold ASEAN market, it is still in the introduction or growth stage in international markets as it seeks to venture into the international arena with the strategy of pursuing the higher-end market instead of the mass market. This can be seen as a product extension strategy. Its advertising objective for this phase would be to remind its consumers that Tiger Beer is worldly acclaimed and more than just a beverage, it is an international...
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