Marketing Proposal for Itc Agarbattis

Topics: Sampling, Cluster sampling, Sample Pages: 8 (880 words) Published: July 26, 2009
Submitted by Kumar Pritam Sinha (B07027) Pankaj Kumar (B07035) Raj Jalan (B07039) Ritesh Agrawal (B07041)

Problem Statement
 Company - ITC  An agarbatti manufacturer wants to study the

buying behaviour for agarbattis and want to find out the extent of brand loyalty during agarbatti purchase

Management Problem/Decision Area
 ITC wants to study the buying behavior for agarbattis

and find out the extent of brand loyalty during agarbatti purchase.  The study can be used for following purposes  Products line management decision  Modify the attributes of existing products  Modify the Marketing Mix of the product

Exploratory Study

Conceptualization Research Objectives Research Design
Sampling Design
Data collection and Processing Methods Time Schedule and Investments Client Responsibilities

Exploratory Study
 Secondary Research  Literature Survey  Empirical data from internet  Primary Research  Experience Survey

Distributors and Wholesalers in Kolkata through telephone Retailers at Sakchi through personal interview

 Observations

Consumers at Sakchi and Mango

Exploratory Research - Inferences
 Important parameters deciding buying behavior and

brand loyalty
 Long lasting fragrance  Type of Fragrance – Rose, Mogra, Sandal, Jasmine etc.  Price  Ingredients – Natural/ herbal, synthetic  Size of sticks  Number of sticks in packet  Soothing effect of incense – non-irritating  Non-sticky

 Quality of sticks
 Purpose of Buying – Home Use, Offerings at Religious


Exploratory Research - Inferences
 Purchase mainly driven by push from retailers  Some existing brands 
     

Bharat Darshan Mangaldeep Bharatwasi Kachnar Ratan Mala 5 Star 3 in 1

Conceptualization – Decision Tree
Target Group – Population of UP/Bihar

Regular Users

Non- Regular Users

Home Use

Offerings at Religious Places

Work Place

Religious Tourists

Home/Office Use during specific occasions

Religious Purpose

Fragrance Purpose

Merchandizing Age Gender Urban/Rural Push factor from retailers Packaging Demographic Manufacturing Process Media Advertisement Percentage of new Customers Change in buying Behavior/Habit

Sales Promotions
Distribution Network

Religious Belief
Cultural belief Process /Influencers

Percentage of Repurchase



 

Describing the factors that determine the buying behavior of agarbattis Describing the parameters to determine the brand loyalty of agarbattis

Research Objectives
 To describe the factors that determine the buying

behavior of agarbatti
 To describe the parameters that determine the brand

loyalty of agarbatti

Determining Research Questions
State of Being Ability to Purchase Location (Rural/Urban) Age Power to make decision State of Mind Family Values Religious Belief Cultural Views Type of usage Involvement in Purchase Observed Behavior Brand Awareness Frequency of Usage Frequency of visit to religious places


Research Questions
 How do religious/cultural/family views affect the  

buying behaviour of agarbattis? What are the major attributes people look for in agarbattis ? How much effect do different media of promotion make on purchase of agarbatti ? How important is the purchase of agarbattis for people? What are the factors resulting in repurchase of agarbattis?

Research Design
 Type of Information  Respondents Point of View:

Non Sensitive No social dimension Aware

 Purpose of Study: Predictive

 Data Collection Procedure  Surveys

Definition of Target Population
 Varied and reflect real world demographic mix  Population clusters  Inter cluster – homogeneous  Intra cluster – heterogeneous

Sampling Design
 Sampling Technique
 Stratified Sampling

 Sample Size (Comparable Study)
 8000 respondents

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