Marketing Plan Juan Valdez

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1. Opportunity.
2.1 Location.
2.2 Objectives.

2. Strategic Marketing
3.3 Segmentation criteria.
3.4 Customer.
3.5 Market segment or niche.
3.6 Competition.
3.7 Legal Aspects.
3.8 Product Positioning.

3. Tactical Marketing.
3.1 Product.
3.2 Price.
3.3 Distribution.
3.4 Communication.

4. Action control.
5.9 Financial Results.
5.10 Programming.


1.1 Location.
1.1.1 Define the reason of marketing plan.

the object or situation for which we made this marketing plan is first to meet an academic requirement and the effect of developing expertise in formulating marketing plans, and as a result of this marketing plan will inevitably improve our curriculum.

1.1.2 Prepare the SWOT analysis.

SWOT ANALYSISJuan Valdez Café|
Strengths * Excellent technology, committed with quality standards. * Good reputation in the market. * Production * Sponsored by Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, years of history.| Weaknesses * Capacity of production restricted due to geographical conditions. * Variation in temperature * Special management with the coffee, climate. * High production costs, hard labor.| Opportunities * Participation in new markets. * New products * Sophisticated consumer and innovation with clients. * Franchise system to attract potential stakeholders| Threats * New competitors such as Vietnam and Russia * Increase of preference for substitutes such as tea or hot chocolate * Low prices of coffee, massive loss of marketplace * Pests in the coffee harvests |

When a company works in the differentiation of a product, what it is trying to achieve is to avoid that the product is identical to the ones that produce the competitors in the markets in order to offer different aspects in quality, brand or service. If the differentiation process is effective it will create barriers to competitors making to the prices descend. By the other hand in the case of higher value creation what is trying be done is to advance in the process of the elaboration of the product, what differentiates from its competitors and let increase the final price for benefit of the producer. Innovation and differentiation is key lever to survive in the market. There is an historic tendency of all basic products to get close its price to the production price, taking out any space to generate savings or surplus, therefore a strategy of value creation of coffee is necessary for penetrating in new dynamic segments.

1.1.3 Explain where the company is in relation to its strategic markets and areas of interest

Juan Valdez Café started in Colombia as a store specialized in premium Colombian coffee, therefore the cultural influence reflects in several factors. Its origins come basically from the cultural mix of the native communities and the Spanish colony influence. Due to the geographical conditions of the country there were formed different regions by the time. Spanish is the official language and because of the existence of some ethnical communities their languages are considered official too in their territories. The family as the center of the society congregates in the main urban areas while the rest live in the rural areas. The religious beliefs of the country base mainly in Christians, being the Catholic Church the most predominant with a 93% of followers, the rest 7% is composed by Protestants, Jewish, Muslims and other minorities. Leisure of Colombians varies, the main sport is soccer, typical dances also play an important role being the cumbia the most popular but dances varies from region to region therefore musical diversity is found all around the country within festivities such as carnivals and other cultural events. Due to the diversity of fauna and flora surges a variety of ingredients making a unique gastronomy, coffee is the national drink by excellence...
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