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Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Product life cycle management Pages: 28 (7257 words) Published: March 31, 2013

• Acknowledgement
• Executive Summary
• Introduction to the market
• Definition to the marketing plan
• Impact of Environmental factors
• Marketing Plan for pencils
• Category analysis
• Current market situation
• Customer analysis
• Marketing strategy
• Product development process
• Brand name, Brand equity, Brand image
• Segmentation and Targeting
• Profile of rural market in general
• Marketing Mix and Integrated Marketing Communication • Conclusion


We extent our thanks to Mrs. Saima Hussain faculty guide who has given me moral support to do my project work. We also extend our thankfulness to our beloved parents and friends for their continuous encouragement at every moment

It is our privilege to express our profound in deftness, deep sense of gratitude to our facility guide who had trusts in our ability in assigning us such an important and interesting project and also for allotting time for discussing and clarifying issues related to this project.


A marketing plan is a written document that contains the guidelines for the business centers and allocation over the planning period. This project is made on the basis for the marketing plan for the pencils. In our project our company is i.e., of Torres are introducing their new pencils product. The names of the pencils are the ‘Shesham pencils’.

If our company introduces new pencils and have to sell it in the market then we have to firstly write down a market plan for it. That means we have to analyze the current market situation i.e. ✓ We have to analyze the impact of the micro environment, macro environment. ✓ We have to analyze the needs of the consumers and then do segmentation, target and positioned the market. ✓ We have to do surveys for knowing the needs of the peoples.

The more concise a marketing plan is the better it will serve you. These are the guidelines for writing a strategic marketing plan that meets the specific requirements of your business. We will take you through the development process step-by-step with easy to follow planning sheets to lead you through each stage. After that we have to choose different modes of communication for the sale, promotion of our product. The format includes a fully developed sample plan and is designed to meet the needs of most types of businesses although the emphasis on different aspects of the plan will vary from one business type to another.


INTRODUCTION:Bangladesh is always said a country of villages and it is fact as Bangladesh 60% of population lives in villages, and it is said that rural market has been growing at five times the pace of the urban market more government rural development initiatives have been seen to increase rural markets.

MARKET: Traditionally, a market was a physical place where buyers and sellers gather to buy and sell goods. Economist describes a market as a collection of buyers and sellers who transact over a particular Product or product class. Manufactures go to resources, marketer buy resources and turn them into good and services.

MARKET PLANNING: It is well and good to include marketing in your business and a lot a few hours a day to do marketing tasks. But if we do not organize our market plan our efforts won/t get nearly as far as putting .Marketing plan in writing gives you a guideline to work from and it provides goal to strive for and it organize all those creative ideas you have floating around your brain. Firms that is successful in marketing businesses starts with marketing plan. Marketing plan cannot be made without involving many people into it. No matter what kind of feedback you get from all parts of your company. This is as important because it take all aspects of your company to make your marketing plan. Your key people can...
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