Marketing Competitors Analysis

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Any person or entity which is a rival against another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. Competition also requires companies to become more efficient in order to reduce costs. []

1.Actual Major Competitors are Direct Competitors. Their production and operation of the same kind of products and services, with this enterprise compete for common target market. Direct competition with enterprises constitute the relationship between the enterprise. []

2.Potential Competitors are Temporarily to the enterprise does not constitute a threat but potentially threatening rival. Potential competitor threats, depending on the degree of industry barriers and the companies of the reaction degree. []


Our company is Café de Coral. Its actual competitors are Fairwood and Maxim. These three companies are all the Hong Kong style dim sum fast food. And they are all Hong Kong's local enterprises. Fairwood and Maxim each with more than 70 shops in Hong Kong. Café de Coral’s potential competitors from the United States and Japan. They are Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, Yoshinoya and Conveyor belt sushi. They are not the Hong Kong style dim sum fast food, even if they are very well-known fast-food companies, they are just the potential competitors of Café de Coral.

a)Fairwood:Since 2003 Fairwood rebuild brands, adding new elements, so customers will not be boring their brand. [] Fairwood brand strategy in the past and did not lock the fixed customer base, such a lack of clear image of its brand in November 2003, after it launched a new brand image, including changes to the trademark (the original trademark for the 30-year history of the clown smileypattern) to improve the quality of food and the stores renovated and of Fairwood its restaurant interior layout redesign.I hope to maintain the efficiency of the traditional fast-food restaurants, and give the customer cafe style. In the food sector, the introduction of ground coffee, pasta shells teeth and secret spices curry beef brisket.

Maxim's MX
Diversified food and a stylish and comfortable environment for customers to enjoy high-quality cuisine. And it is the main line of fast-food brand of Maxim's Caterers Limited. Vice-line brands, including thousands of burn Barilla, Maxim's food ², max concepts management can. teen, Deli-O. In its shop, customers can eat the cuisine of many countries in a variety of different flavors.

Involving unlicensed siu mei unlicensed made siu mei
September 15, 2011, the Apple Daily reported that half of the stores have not applied for food factory license, but supply siu mei to other branches. Fairwood former employee Chef Leung said Fairwood stores are not food factory license "Fairwood years ago has begun to supply burn a Taste to other branches, but it was sneaky."Under the laws of Hong Kong, cooking or food manufacturing buildings in Hong Kong for outside food for sale to the public, must apply to the licensing authority for food factory license.

Since this thing, Fairwood will reduce the public's trust. For the maintenance of the source is very unfavorable. It is doing so that customers always have doubt for food security.

Maxim MX a shop to sell consumers in a bowl of soup with transparent tape, and was the fehd ticket control. There have been a number of previously also called due to sell not health food by ticket control records, and beautiful heart MX price higher than other counterparts, so in customer base, evaluation is very low. Due to the Maxim group is not a listed company, the credibility of its intervention...
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