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The importance of information system within the scope of company operation strategies Nowadays, modern company need a strategic information system to entry on the market and become a leader in the market. Therefore, companies need to create an information system that supports business performance in line with this strategy. The role of information systems carried out in a company expected to support effective strategy. It expected to make a profit and competitive advantage. Implementation of information systems can not be separated from the integration of information technology. Because the computer is one of the information systems, it can use to support the achievement of the company has made. For example, many companies use the network, the functioning and many companies today are building e-business and e-commerce support. There is four crucial role in the information system of the company, which participates in the execution of tasks, linking plan treatment and control subsystems in a subsystem and integration of subsystems. It is a strategic for realization of its vision and mission as a whole. Based on the image above, it may result in information systems, information technology and business strategy in terms of the organizational structure formed. The organizational culture of the company and business processes carried out by the company. So if, the company is a strategic necessity, first-run businesses the organization of society and culture that applied, then a new information system with information technology online with the organizational culture and supported incumbent wants. Companies carrying on business, if we survive, and he managed with long-term success, the company has developed a strategy planned by the information systems and information technology in the face of five competitive pressures that make up the structure of competition on the market (industry) supports like. The succeed in developing and implementing strategies will need to...
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