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According to Kotler & Armstrong (2008), marketing is a social and managerial procedure by which people as a group or even individuals are being provided the things they needed and wanted through initiating and trading goods and values with other stated in the book written by Diola Z. & Tichepco E., (2009) Miranda said that the major objectives of marketing, as a considered both social and economic process, are; (1) to meet the needs; (2) to satiate wants; and (3) to form new desires. Importance of Marketing

Miranda G. also said that marketing is considered to be a successful one if it has the ability to distribute resources proficiently for the demands of the consumer and the capability to lessen the cost and inconvenience of the operation by facilitating the continuity of goods from process to production. Being in hand with the wants and needs of consumers can lead to an increasing number of goods, which gives marketing the motivation to innovate more and to think not only what people needs but also what people wants that is still remain unfulfilled. As additional products are being produced and sold because of marketing, there are some corresponding demands for certain economic activities like transportation and packaging. Also people’s standard of living will be rising together with the need of adding more factories in the part of the producers. These added plants and factories will provide employment opportunities to people that are currently unemployed.

Essence of Marketing
In addition, Miranda also said that an organization that visions themselves to fulfill and utilize the marketing concepts for the success of their operations must be focus and are willing to do the following: (1) identify its area of market; (2) conduct further research about the needs and wants of the consumers; (3) expand and redevelop product to satisfy the demand; (4) employ, choose and train manpower to deliver the product and services to the market being targeted;...
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