Market Segmentation of Bata

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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a) Market Segmentation: Actually, market segmentation is Consists of dividing the market into fairly homogeneous parts where any part may conceivably be selected as a market target to be reached with a distinct marketing mix.Now a days, companies cannot avoid the process segmenting market.BATA has segmented the whole market to smaller group of buyers who have differences in characteristics, needs or behaviors.As the different segments need different products, BATA has tried to deliver different products for their selected segments.Four very important variables of market segmentation of BATA are discussed in following table:

Variables| Segmenting unit| Explanation| Example| Geographic| World region| BATA has covered 5 regions.| Europe, Asia Pacific,Latin America, North America, Africa.| | Country| Bata has been developed in almost 79 countries.| Bangladesh,India, Canada,South Africa, Bolivia, Italy etc.| | City| In provincial capitals of Bangladesh, Canada, India etc.| Mumbai,Dhaka, Chittagong, Montreal etc.| | Density| Areas of cities where targeted customers are densed.| Bashundhara city mall,Dhanmondi,Khilgaon etc.| Demographic| Age | All category aged people are targeting customers.| Bata Industrial s (safety footwear) Bubblegummers (children)Power (athletic shoes )Marie Claire (women)Hush Puppies(older)Island,north star(young)| | Gender| Male,Female,Kids.| Bubble gummers,Hush puppies,Marie claire,Power,Sandak.etc.| | Income| All categories earned people can have it’s product.| Sandak,Island,power,Marie claire,Weinbrener,Hush Puppies etc.| | Occupation| Any kind of professionals| Formal shoes, Sandals, Choppol,Sports,Casual.| | Generation| Baby, young, Older.| Island,Bubble gummers,Marie Clire,Hush puppies.etc.| | Race | Asian,Black,White.| Variations in color of, White, Chocolate,Blue,Red etc.| Psycho-graphic| Social class| Upper,Lower,Medium class people are...
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