Market & Decision Making Process for Home Power Station - Volkswagen and Lichtblick

Topics: Flipism, Decision making, Cognition Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Volkswagen is well-known for manufacturing cars all over the world. The company has been on the market since 1937 and been one of Europe’s greatest car manufacturers ever since. The company wants to position itself as a global economic and an environmental leader in automobile manufacturing in 2018. However, Volkswagen wants to use its technology and knowledge of making cars and engines for something new. In partnership with the company LichtBlick, which is one of Germany’s biggest supplier of electricity and leader in green electricity, they will create home power stations that could supply houses with heating and electricity. Volkswagen’s engines will be used to create the home power stations which will run on natural gas, though this will be replaced by biogas in the future which is more environmental friendly. By doing so, Volkswagen uses an existing product to create a completely new one, and enters a new market at the same time. The primary benefits of this project are cost saving and environmental protection. Our target market will be focusing on the United Kingdom. We will set two cities as pilots for our product, which are London and Manchester. This is because these are two major cities in England and as this country is having difficulties tackling with climate change due to the low energy prices. The home power stations should solve this problem since it is a high value product. However, our target group will be owners of large family homes with high energy demand, especially multi-family homes of all sizes. Furthermore the "home power stations" can reduce CO2 emissions, which have a positive effect on the environment and people’s health as well. Lichtblick and VW could appeal with their development into three target groups which cover some groups at the same time: 1. Those who pursue the aim of cost saving

2. Particularly environment conscious people. (A growing trend in Europe) 3. The combination from cost saving and environmental awareness To...
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