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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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This documentary focuses on the life and contributions of entrepreneur Mark Cuban as an author, innovator, and businessman. Narrated by sports journalist Skip Bayless, most of the documentary is centered on Cuban’s ownership of many different businesses and contributions to the Fallen Patriot Fund. The opening of the documentary shows a video of Mark Cuban on WWE Raw pushing down wrestler Stephen Farrelly. Then, Bayless’ voice is heard saying the following line: “Is Mark Cuban the next John Cena?” After the opening scene, Mark Cuban’s early life is briefly covered from Cuban selling powdered milk and garbage bags to buy a pair of shoes, to him slicing cold cuts in a Pittsburgh deli. The documentary fast forwards to Cuban skipping his senior year of high school to sell stamps to help pay for college. Todd Reidbord, a long time friend of Mark Cuban, talks about the innovative ways Cuban thought of to make money. The documentary explores Cuban’s life at Indiana University and Kelley School of Business. At Indiana University, Cuban opened a pub in Bloomington, Indiana called Motley’s, which became a popular hangout for students and professors. Cuban’s statistics professor at Indiana, Wayne Winston, talks about how he liked the pub and Cuban’s business ethics. At the Kelley School of Business, alumni and friend Jeff Swaney, speaks about him and Cuban partying all the time. The documentary shifts from Cuban in college to Cuban moving to Dallas and becoming a salesperson for Your Business Software. Less than a year into his job, Cuban finalized a large software purchase with a customer and was unable to open the store in time resulting in the loss of his job. Cuban started a company called MicroSolutions and used the customers from Your Business Software to get business. In 1990, Cuban’s ingenuity landed him $6 million dollars and creation of new basketball website called Todd Wagner, a close friend, helped Cuban with the website increasing revenue from...
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