Marilyn Monroe

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, formerly known as Norma Jean Baker, is a historical inspiration. She was a very confident person. Her strong will always be remembered for that. She was brave going through all the obstacles she faced. She stood up for whatever she believed in and never backed down. Her contributions of being an entertainer, singer, dancer, model, actress, and wife lend themselves to the way she inspires people today. She had an effortless way of making people feel good about themselves. She constantly had a smile on her face. She was mysterious. She was intelligent and proved it over and over again. Marilyn was an orphan in her early age. Her mother died when Marilyn was still very young. She married her first husband a few weeks after seventeenth birthday. She went through many husbands and divorced each one to pursue her acting career. That is how Marilyn Monroe started her way into history. Marilyn was faced with many challenges during her lifetime. After dealing with being an orphan, it was noted that Marilyn was made fun of growing up because she was a bigger and more developed woman than other children. As an entertainer, singer, dancer, model, and actress people treated her more as an object than a actual person. People took her as an idiot. Those are some of the reasons Marilyn is remembered. Marilyn Monroe created a character that the entire nation fell in love with. You see, Marilyn Monroe is a inspiration to many girls in the world. She helps them feel pretty and confident no matter what. She also proved that women are intelligent. Marilyn also took drugs to help her, not to kill her. If she was still alive today, I’m sure that she would inspire more people to be the absolute best they can be.


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