Marigold: Hypothesis and Variables

Topics: Hypothesis, Null hypothesis, Plant morphology Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Stanley Yeung
Results and Discussion
Biology Lab 017
Marigold Lab
The Purpose of this was to analyze how the Marigold plants grew under certain conditions. The Objective was to determine the amount of growth these plants went through by measuring the changes in the selected variables. The Variables that we selected were stem length, root length, the amount of leaves that grew on a plant and the overall size of the plant measured in height. For this experiment, we had three test groups, the first two groups had five seeds and the third group has 10 seeds. The reason for that is because we introduce the third group to interspecific competition. We wanted to find out if variables such as competition will have an effect on the plants development. We hypothesized that the group with the most seeds will see the least development and growth due to competition. We calculated out results and they are as follows. The TCritial is constant at 2.23. The growth of the leaves was higher in the low density group as opposed to the high density group. The T-Stat is 5.17 for the stems 1.87 for the height, .285 for the leaves and .11 for the roots. Both the low and the high density variables share the same T-Stat. This simply means that the plant group with the least amount of competition has a higher chance at achieving reproductive success. Some of the plants in the third group with 10 seedlings did not even grow. With that said, we reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative because some of the plants in the pot with the larger amount of seeds did not even start to grow. All of the plants in the groups with 5 seeds at least grew. This indicates that dependent variables such as competition and the environment itself has an influence on how a plant grows and develops. If the T-Stat>T-Critical, then we reject the null hypothesis and choose the alternative. The only one we actually accept the null hypothesis are the Leaves and the Roots...
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