Marie Antoine Careme: Grand Cooking Style for European Royalty

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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1.)Who is Marie Antoine Careme?
Marie-Antoine Careme was born June 8, 1784 in Paris, France. Careme was abandoned by his parents during the French Revolution and took a series of kitchen jobs before apprenticing in a famous pastry shop. Word of Careme's talent spread to the diplomat Talleyrand, who used his cooking for European royalty. Marie-Antoine is best known for his grand cooking style for European royalty, typically known as haute cuisine.

-What are his 2 contribution in classic and modern cuisine?
Culinary artist, inventor, and creator, Careme published the following works: Le Patissier pittoresque (1815)
Le Patissier royal parisien (1825) - great decorative centrepieces and fanciful designs Le Cuisinier parisien (1828)
Le Maitre d'hotel francais (1822) - dishes he personally created and prepared in various European capitals L'Art de la cuisine francaise (1833) - five volume masterpiece on cuisine Careme developed recipes for what we know as Napoleons, Charlottes, Éclairs, and many other famous pastries. In his first major position, Carême worked as chef de cuisine to Talleyrand who actively encouraged Carême in the development of a new refined food style using herbs and fresh vegetable, simplified sauces with few ingredients. Talleyrand became a famous host during the Congress of Vienna - when the congress disbanded, not only the map of Europe but also the culinary tastes of its upper classes were thoroughly revised. Carême's impact on culinary matters ranged from trivial to theoretical. He is credited with creating the standard chef's hat, the toque; he designed new sauces and dishes, he published a classification of all sauces into groups, based on four mother sauces. He is also frequently credited with replacing the practice of service à la française (serving all dishes at once) with service à la russe (serving each dish in the order printed on the menu) after he returned from service in the Russian court but others say he was a diehard...
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