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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Name: Liao Xiangting Jasmine

ID: A01294935

Date: 2 May 2012

Contemporary Arts & Society
“TEC-MARCO Library Art Exhibit”
After countless times of passing by the art exhibit at the library, I finally stopped to take a look at the pieces, albeit with an assignment on hand. It dawned upon me that this is exactly the way Art is in today’s globalizing society. People are so busy with their daily lives, they hardly stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the beauty around them. After taking this course, I feel that I am in a much better position to judge the beauty of Art in technical terms and to reflect upon the context that produces such compelling artwork. A huge painting caught my eye the moment I reached Level 2 – the art piece by Ramiro Martinez. Another similarly theme also caught my eye. And in this essay, I will be evaluating these two pieces with first a formal analysis, followed by a content analysis.


Ramiro Martinez Plasencia The Race 2009 Mexico

Formal Analysis Line: Extremely descriptive, thin Form: Flat and extremely realistic Color: Monochromatic Tonal value: Sharp contrast


Claudio Bravo Cráneo Hipopótamo 2007 Lithograph 29 1/2 x 41 3/4 inches

Formal Analysis Line: Extremely descriptive, thin Form: Flat and realistic Color: Monochromatic Tonal value: Sharp contrast CONTENT ANALYSIS Both pieces are similar in techniques, are hyperrealistic and extremely detailed in their paintings. Further, there is similarity in their themes. Both pieces are about animals, Martinez’s piece about a cow and Bravo’s piece about a hippopotamus. Despite the similarities, the The Race’s theme is to capture an impression of a girl running away from a cow. The title itself is ironic, in a sense that there is in fact no race. The cow is stationery and merely watching the little girl who was running away. Bravo’s piece is a stationery piece about death. This piece truly tests the drawing techniques as the lines are...