Marc Antony

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  • Published : June 12, 2013
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Independent Study Project
Ancient History

Someone is not born with greatness, they are destined with greatness. Achieving greatness in leadership may be hard to maintain, keeping it and being known for your greatness is even harder to accomplish. Greatness can be achieved through military victories, being appointed a high officer, known as a political figure and considering the lower-class citizens. Many leaders strive to reach being one of the people’s greatest leaders, but many fail. However, there is one in particular who was capable of achieving the position of being known as ‘one of the people’s greatest leaders’. Marc Antony, who served with Julius Caesar, was known as one of the people’s greatest leaders for being a warrior, being considerate, achieving great power and appointed a part of the government.

Marc Antony is known as one of the people’s greatest leaders because he was a great warrior, was very considerate and was appointed into the government. Marc Antony was the greatest leader, who served with Julius Caesar because of all the accomplishments he achieved listed above. Another leader that served with Julius Caesar was Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who compared to Marc Antony, was a very poor leader that served with Julius Caesar. Lepidus did not conquer land with Julius Caesar, did not suppress the local rebellion and was not known as a great leader unlike Marc Antony. Lepidus was unable to go on many quests with ruler Julius Caesar, Lepidus mainly stayed inside the walls of Rome. Since Lepidus did not accompany Julius Caesar and Marc Antony on many major journey’s he was unable to be known as conquering or helped conquer land with Julius Caesar, making Marc Antony, who did serve with Julius Caesar complete the task of conquering territory. In Rome’s eyes Marc Antony was one of the people’s greatest leaders, because he conquered land making him a powerful individual, something that Lepidus was incapable to achieve. Secondly, Marc Antony was...
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