Marbury vs. Madison

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Marbury vs. Madison (1803)
1. John Marshall means in his statement that the constitution does not allow the judiciary branch to rule in such a way that Marbury would like. Although Marbury did lose his job, the context in which he earned his job was unconstitutional. Marshall's statement is referring to the inability of the judiciary branch to compensate Marbury for a job which was given in an unconstitutional way. Meriwether Lewis Journal (1805)

1. Native Americans and Lewis and Clark Expedition formed a relationship with each other. Often times seeking help, the expedition went to the Native Americans seeking information on the geographic topography of the foreign westward lands in which they were traveling to. Other the hand, the expedition offer unique opportunities to the Indians that they couldn't get otherwise, which explains why the offered help to the white men. One of these opportunities is the Indian's belief that they could acquire guns from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Native Americans reacted to this in a positive and supportive way as they realized that they could possibly acquire the guns and ammunition they desired from the expedition that they could not otherwise get from sources such as the Spanish. The reactions from the native Americans as Lewis describes them are on most cases mutually benevolent, each trading with one another fairly, and providing a good in exchange for another good. Henry Clay, Speech Opposing President Jackson's Veto of the Bank Bill (1832) 1. Henry Clay compares Jackson's veto to French Monarchy in such a way that makes the veto seem like an abuse of power. Clay believes it doesn't "reconcile," with an representative government. He links the arrogance of the French Monarchy to a seeming arrogant, and tyrannical act of the president. I believe the argument is persuasive, any time when an American official is accused of perpetrating actions that resemble an Monarchy the American public typically...
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