Topics: Cigarette, Tobacco smoking, Victimless crime Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: May 12, 2013
tobacco and alcohol are due to the accidents and health conditions that arise from their use. This includes car accidents from alcohol use, cancer resulting from cigarette smoke, injuries in bar fights, and hundreds of other horrible effects resulting from the use of these two drugs. Marijuana however, does not share any of these effects with alcohol and cigarettes. Marijuana does not cause death, nor does it cause cancer, and it does not inflict upon the user or the state any negative effect which will be harmful. (Ferner 1) Hence, marijuana is very different from alcohol and tobacco; its legalization will not cost the states. It will however provide huge tax revenue profits and a great income from which the state can flourish. Marijuana should be legalized. By legalizing marijuana the state will be providing helpful medical relief to those with illnesses like cancer and AIDS. Legalization of marijuana could be the reason that patients in the future will recover from some of their illnesses, or at least lead happier lives where the aggressive disease has been controlled by the effects of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana will generate an enormous sum of profits each year for the state and the community, while also saving money from not having to fight marijuana use anymore. This will help the economy by creating more jobs, having increased capital from which to start new projects such as schools and public parks. There is also the possibility that legalizing marijuana in the entire country could be what actually saves the American economy and restores the economic stability that has been lost for years. By legalizing marijuana, more time can be spent on fighting actual crime and other more harmful drugs. Those guilty of simple possession can resume their normal lives, get a job and have families, free of judgment for being convicted on drug charges. It is time for the world to realize that marijuana is not the evil plant we all thought it was. It is time to...
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