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Homework Chapter 1
Review Questions :
3- What Are Three Criteria Necessary For An Effective And Efficient Network? * Performance
* Reliability
* Security
4-what are the advantages of a multipoint connection over a point-to-point connection? Point-to-point connection is limited to two devices, where else more than two devices share a single link in multipoint connection. Multipoint connection can be used for fail-over and reliability. 5 - what are the two type of line configuration?

There are two possible types of line configurations or connections. These connections are. 1. Point-to-point connection
2. Multipoint connection 6- categorize the four basic topologies in terms of line configuration ? Point to point- mesh and star.

Multi point- bus and ring.
7- what is the difference between half-duplex and full-duplex transmission modes? Full duplex allows transmitting and receiving at the same time. Half duplex allows transmitting and receiving, but not at the same time. 8- name the four basic network topologies and cite an advantage of each type? * Mesh Topology : Privacy or security .

eliminating the traffic problems . A mesh is robust . Fault identification and fault isolation easy . * Star topology : Easy to install and reconfigure and less expensive . Robustness .

identification and fault isolation . * Bus topology : Ease of insulation .

* Ring Topology : Easy to install...
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