Map Reading

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At the end of the lesson, the Cadets and Cadettes are expected

1. To define what is a map.
2. To explain the importance of knowing on how to read the map. 3. To illustrate on how to interpret different symbols and colors on the actual natural and manmade features. 4. To use the map during land navigation.


Map Reading
Ref: CAT-1 Cadet/Cadette Manual


1. Map
2. Lensatic Compass
3. Pencil
4. Ruler
5. Pointer


1. Checking of attendance
2. Review of the past lesson
3. Motivation
4. Presentation
5. Lesson proper
a. Concept
1. Presentation, discussion and demonstration/illustration of the subject matter.


Cadets and Cadettes, good morning/afternoon. Our new subject matter today is considered as one of the mandatory subject of the AFP in which every individual soldier must equip himself/herself to effectively and successfully perform his/her given mission. A military man, just like any other craftsman, is provided with various tools in order to accomplish his task. He is provided with weapons, transportation, communication facilities, medication and other kinds of equipment. All as important as the others. One kind of equipment which is used by military men from the lowest soldier in the ranks to the topmost commander is the map. A map plays a vital role in a military man’s life. He uses it as a guide to his objective; it gives him information about the characteristics of the ground in his area of operations and other information essential to the planning and conduct of an operation. Often times, the only source of information is a map. We can therefore see how important a map is to everyone in the military service. However, having a map is not enough. In order that it can be of use, a soldier should be able to read or interpret what is shown in the map.

What is a map?

A map is a systematic representation of all or a part of the earth’s surface, drawn or formed to scale on a plane as seen from above. Marine (Hydrographic) and air (Aeronautical) maps are generally called charts. In the broadest sense the words “maps” or “chart” can be used for any conventionalized representation of spatial phenomena, such as the heavens or the brain. Manmade and natural features are depicted by symbols, lines, colors and forms.

Why are maps important?

First of all, all flat maps have some distortion, since it is impossible to represent the curving figure of the earth on a plane without deformation. Nevertheless, maps possess positive qualities that makes them more than poor substitute for the globe. Example of this is the plotting of directions is more easily accomplished on maps than in globes. In fact nowadays globes are rarely used for navigation. There would be little advantage in having a curving surface for regions of sub-continental or smaller size and so maps, rather than segments of the globe are commonly used for representing such areas. Furthermore it is easier to make, transport, and store maps than globes, and when used correctly a map can give accurate information on such factors as distances, locations, heights, best routes, key terrain features, concealment and cover.

Security of Maps:
Should a map fall into unauthorized hands, it could give an indication of our future plans or areas of interest to the enemies. MAPS MUST NOT FALL INTO UNAUTHORIZED HANDS.

Care of Maps:
a. One of the first considerations in the care of maps is the proper folding of the map itself, to make them small enough to be carried easily and still be available for use without having to unfold them entirely. b. Most maps are printed on paper and require protection from water, mud and...
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