Many Children Suffer Because They Do Not Get as Much Attention from Their Parents as Children Did in the Past?

Topics: Family, Childhood, Time Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Children in the past have a worse living environment than the children nowadays, and they got even lesser attention, so children nowadays do not suffer. The Affirmative Position believes that children gain less love and care by their parents as they spend more time on their career but not their children. But comparing with the children in the past, they are very happy. Nowadays, parents also work until so late but not as late as the parents in past, they still find someone to take care their children like grandparents or neighbors. Some parents even hire a house maid; at least they will not be left alone at home. The living standard of children is better as they do not need to worry about their livelihood. For example, no need to do housework, no living pressure. However, the children in the past have to be independent when they are so young. Their parents have to spend most of the time to make a living and even have several jobs. The working hour is much more than nowadays. And their children are not like us, study well, eat well, play well. Most of them have to carry much housework since their parents do not stay at home most of the time. They also used to take care their brother and sister, like cook for them and have a great workload. Some of them even entre the society to work as child labour, mostly lost a lot of nice childhood and can’t concentrate on their studies. So, you think that children do not have living pressure and taken so well by someone is a suffering, then how about the children in the past?? Do you think that they have to do most of housework, take care their sister and brother, or even entre the society to work in order to lighten family burden is not a suffering? To conclude, modern children do not suffer by comparing with the children in the past.
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