Manufacturing Tech(Drop Forging)

Topics: Forging, Hydraulic press, Work hardening Pages: 4 (649 words) Published: March 2, 2013
• Closed die drop forging sometimes referred to
as impression die forging comprises of a die
on the anvil which resembles a mould, the
ram which falls and strikes the top of the work
piece can also be equipped with a die. The
metal work piece is heated and placed on the
lower die while the ram falls down forcing the
metal to fill the contours of the die blocks.

• The ram may impact the work several times
to ensure all of the contours are filled, with all
the pressure put on the work piece its
common place to get metal flow between the
dies called flash, however the flash due to its
decreased size cools relatively quickly and
therefore helps block or reduce further flow
between the dies. This flash will have to be
trimmed off once forging is complete.

Design of Impression-Die Forgings and
• Forging dies are usually made of high-alloy or
tool steel. Dies must be impact resistant, wear
resistant, maintain strength at high
temperatures, and have the ability to
withstand cycles of rapid heating and cooling.

• Hot forging prevents work hardening associated
with cold forming
• Parts of sizes up to 25 tons can be produced with
closed die forging
• Closed die forging can produce near net shapes
that will require only a small amount of finishing
• Economic for large runs of product

• Not very economical for short runs due to the high cost
of die production
• The business set up cost of drop forging is very high,
not only are the machines and furnaces costly but
special building provisions must be in place to cope
with the powerful vibrations caused by drop forging. A
special foundation must be laid to deal with this
• Drop forging presents a dangerous working

• In press forging the metal is squeezed slowly
by a hydraulic or mechanical press and
component is produced in a single closing of...
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