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Torchlight specification Brand: SONCA Cost: $3.20 Power: 2 x AA Battery Description (From Manufacturer): Av Krypton, a general purpose portable battery operated handlight torchlight made with super heavy duty rubber case. Grease and oil resistant and rugged deisgn for firm grip. Length: 140mm Body Diameter: 22mm Head Diameter: 30mm Operation: 3 modes: Beacon (Low / High) and off. Switch On: Rotate the head clockwise to switch the flashlight on; Switch Off: Turn the head counter-clockwise until the brightness fades out completely. Part (Description) Head Reflector Bulb holder Bulb (From supplier) Battery (Qty: 02) Head Spring Plastic 0-Ring Rubber 0-Ring Bottom Spring Conducting Strip Main Housing Lanyard with metal clip Total (exclude battery) Total Torchlight Assembly – Requirements • • • • Main components must be fully enclosed for aesthetic and functional reasons Have a removable cover to provide access to replacement of battery and bulb. Bulb and battery should have a complete circuit connecting to the switch Head must be able to rotate (degree of freedom) for flashlight to switch on / off. Material Plastic body with Plastic Len Polished Aluminum Aluminum Tungsten filament Lithium-ion Copper Plastic Rubber Copper Aluminum Plastic for housing Aluminum and nylon Weight (grams) 8 2 2 1 55 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.3 28 2 55 100

Torchlight Assembly (Assembly sequence) Operator does not require any fixture to re-orientation, as parts are light and within reach. 1. Place Head (1) upside down as illustrated in figure 3. Parts is assumed to be picked up from a bin and then re-orientate to correct orientation as illustrated.


2. Apply adhesive around the circumference of Plastic Len (2). This part of operation is slow because care has to be taken to apply the adhesive to the circumference of len. 3. Plastic Len (2) place onto the head 4. Reflector (3) are place and snap onto head (1) 5. Hold Bulb holder (4) facing downwards 6. Bulb holder (5) is screw onto the bulb (4) 7. Bulb (4) and bulb holder (5) is place into position in the head 8. Head Spring (6) is place and held in position. Sub-assembly 1 is left in position 9. Main Housing (8) is held in position as illustrated in figure 4 10. Bottom Spring (9) is place on Conducting Strip (7) 11. Conducting Strip (7) is align with aid of internal guide lines and position into the Main Housing (8) 12. Rubber O-ring (10) is fit into position 13. Plastic O-ring (11) is fit into position 14. Batteries (13) (qty 2) are inserted into the main housing (8) and holding down required. 15. Subassembly 2 is turned over (1st time) illustrated in figure 5 16. Subassembly 1 is held in place and Subassembly 2 are align and fasten together by screwing. 17. Woven lanyard with metal clip (12) attached to main housing with a needle nose plier Application of 3 Criteria to Initial Design • • • • • • • • • • • • • Head: 1st part to be assembled and it is a necessary separate item. It is a theoretically necessary part Plastic Len: do not satisfy criteria because theoretically head and plastic len can be of same material. Reflector: Reflector can be incorporate with the plastic Len. Bulb: Another standard subassembly and will be considered as a necessary separate item. Bulb Holder: do not satisfy criteria as theoretically bulb holder can be incorporated into reflector Head Spring: Theoretically not necessary Conducting Strip: Must be different material, thus it is a theoretically necessary part Battery: Separate for reason of replacement & different material. Theoretically necessary part Main Housing: Must be separate for reason of replacement of battery and bulb Bottom Spring: Theoretically not necessary Rubber O-ring: Can be combined with main housing. Theoretically not necessary Plastic O-ring: Theoretically not necessary Woven...
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