Mansa Musa

Topics: Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Islam Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: December 27, 2012
What effects did Mansa Musa’s travels have in Mali and Europe? Mansa Musa was one of the most famous people in Africa, but not much about his life was known until 1312 when he succeeded his father’ s throne. He was either the grandson or grandnephew of Sundiata, the man who founded Mali. Celebrity Net Worth calculated that in today’s money, Mansa Musa would have about 400 billion dollars. This fact makes him the richest man that ever lived. He ruled over a small kingdom named Mali, which wasn’t very famous or well known until Mansa Musa came around. He helped Mali flourish and thus giving himself wealth and power. Mansa Musa was attracted to the thought of Islam and therefore he took a hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca. People say that he visited Cairo with hundreds of slaves carrying golden staffs. He gave out so much gold that everybody was known of his presence. Every Friday he traveled, he built a new mosque for god. For this hajj he is most widely known, even people in European countries took notice of his forever giving nature and his ability to single handedly declining another countries economy. In addition Europeans never knew an African ruler so widely ever before. Before Mansa Musa, map makers help no significance to the country of Africa and just filled it with fancy designs. Starting in 1375 however map makers started to represent Africa with a picture of Mansa Musa seated on a golden throne. Mansa Musa had led to Europe’s dramatic increase of interest in the sub- Saharan Africa. Mansa Musa travels had also increased Mali’s popularity in the world; more scholars came from, area such as Timbuktu, even people who came to Mali as teachers stayed as students. Mali also became another capital of Islam. In conclusion, it is obvious to one that Mansa Musa had played a big part in shaping Mali and Africa. Nobody would think that Mansa Musa not done much when he reigned Mali
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