Mandatory Reporting

Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Health care Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: April 20, 2013
PEARSON (pages 169-171)

Mandatory reporting refers to a legal requirement to report an act, event, or situation that is designated by state or local law as a reportable event all states mandate the reporting of certain vital statistics such as births and deaths many states require reporting of abortions and neonatal deaths federal and states laws mandate the reporting of communicable disease, including venereal diseases 

Abuse or neglect of minors and older adults
abuse or suspected abuse of vulnerable individuals is mandated to be reported in most states nurse reports the required information through the administrative chain of the institution, beginning with the nurses immediate supervisor and the PCP all reported information is documented in the client record most states only require a good faith suspicion, based on information disclosed by the client and/ or physical symptoms manifested by the client, that a use has occurred the nurse is not required to conduct any type of investigation or otherwise confirm that abuse or neglect has, in fact occurred

Good Faith Immunity
in all states, health care workers are protected when they report suspected child abuse in good faith, even if the subsequent investigation does not make a determination of abuse

Guidelines Regarding Disclosure of Health Information
know federal and state laws concerning duty to report
report the required information to the appropriate governmental agency promptly comply with reporting laws in good faith
follow agency policy carefully when making a report
avoid a breach of confidentially, and report only the information mandated. Good faith immunity only applies to required information reported to the appropriate agency or office

Mandatory Reporting of Nurses in Violation of the NPA
NC General Statutes mandate that any person who...
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