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What is organ donation? Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of transplantation. Whereas, organ donation also is a life-saving and life-transforming medical process where organs are removed from a donor and transplanted into someone who is very ill or dying from organ failure. Organ donation is a noble one. It is not new in Malaysia as it is a method of treatment that has been widely accepted in the country. The number of patients who need organ transplants is increasing from year to year, but the number of potential donors, who wish to donate after death is still low.Why are the decreases of an organ donation in Malaysians occur? There are four reason, that we are focus of the decreases of an organ donation, there are lack of awareness among people to donate their organ, myths on death, certain religions objected to an organ donation and did not get permission from the family.

Firstly, there are lack of awareness among people to donate their organ. Why are this situation are really happen among our people? There are many factors that we can share, such as the organ donation which made them hesitate about the quality of medical care. As we know the behaviour of our people, they did not trust the quality of medical care in our country that wil prefer to do an operation in overseas. They wil think that our medical care are low and may course bad things if go through the operation. As Malaysians, we should support our doctors or labour in hospital, they also have higher education and some of them also continue their studies in overseas take a Degree, Master or Phd, they are equally impressive than the doctors at overseas. Maybe there are some cases happen that the donor cannot be save after donate their organ, but all of our fate are been set up by Allah we as ummah must sincerely trust of our creator as an ordinary human being and may what we do will get rewards in another world.
Another factor that contribute of the lack of awareness among people, is on the authorities side that did not give enough information to people. Means that they did not give enough information about what is an organ donation exactly, what are the organ that we can donate, what is the effect to our body after we donate, is it all people can be a donor easily, they are so many question that people want to know about the organ donation. They also did not organize campaign to save people who is needed or do an advertisement to support the program. Nowadays we can see that, they are no advertisement in television, newspaper, magazine or radio that talk about the issues that i think very critical to such a people in need of an organ. This are the matter that should be taken seriously by the ministry of health or related and take a full comitment about this issue, and not just saying by the mouth but express it by the way you act. Last factor that we can share is people do not know where place to be asking an info, it sounds this the same point that we give before but this are all about the counter inquiries for people that want to know deeply about an organ donation or someone that have problem of an organ. And not list they also must need to tell about the hospital that involved in this transactions of organ donation, this is usually taken by the hospital in major cities that have professional or an expert doctor.

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