Mandala: United States and Bright Colors

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Meleea Briggs
8th Period
20 October 2011

Mandala Essay
My name is Meleea Giordano – Briggs. Athletic, friendly , and loving are the best three words that describe me. These three words that describe me in my own way and characteristics that make me the way I am now. The first symbol that represents me is colors. I love the bright colors in my room and wearing bright colors. Bright colors just make my day full of joy ! Me wearing bright colors represents myself as being kind. When I see bright colors , I think of Fall , Summer and Spring. Just seeing these bright pretty colors on the tree’s when the tree’s are turning colors because of fall and seeing the different color flowers blooming in the spring time and seeing the rainbow’s and flowers in the summer time make me happy.

The second symbol represents , Live , Laugh and Love. I describe live as living your day to fullest and making anything you want come true. Laugh represents having a good time in life , school , family and friends. Last is love , love is the most important. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else back. You should always love your family before anything or anyone else , because family helps and supports you anything you want or want to accomplish in life. Even though your friends will be there too support you , your family will always be there for you no matter what.

My last symbol represents sports. This is volleyball and track. All my life I have been doing sports. Sports are my life , I never take a break from doing sports and couldn’t live a day without doing sports. Sports set a goal for me , it sets I can get a scholarship to any college or university in the United Sates , also sets you to maintain a good grade point average and to get all A’s and B’s. When I play sports I make sure my grades are excellent because if there not , I will not be able to do sports, and it...
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