Management of Disaster Tourism

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Nowadays, more and more people have traveled around the world or even their own country. To make a person’s travel fantastic and stunning, tourism plays great roles. However, tourism is vulnerable and susceptible to unpredictable disaster and crisis. Many tourists have experienced such catastrophic things and even died during their trip. In order to prevent those from having effects on tourism as possible as we can, we need effective and efficient managements. There are two types of managements that include pre-management and post-management. This essay will discuss these two managements and case studies that will cover examples of area damaged by a sudden disaster.

There are some countries that were affected by terrible and dreadful disasters such as tsunami, earthquake, typhoon and flood. Several countries are still struggling to recover economic. To name a few, there is the biggest earthquake and tsunami which were hit Japan and tsunami stroke Thailand. Highlighting tsunami hit Thailand, “The tsunami that crashed ashore from the Andaman Sea on December 26, 2004, shocked the world”(Ngamsom, B., R, 2006, p. 390). The way of rebounding from the impact of tsunami was that Thai government introduced discounts strategies like low-cost tour and duty-free shopping. However, tourists were neutral toward that because they worried more about safety and security. Instead, advertisement on Internet and word of mouth were helpful for recovery. Thus, providing discounts is not always good strategy (Bongkosh.N.R, 2006). As for Japan, the number of tourists is finally recovering from 100,000 to 400,000, which is still lower than the beginning of 2011. The reason is that tourists worry about radiation and safety about water and food (“A new dawn for the land of the rising sun” 2012).

“Despite the growing number of natural hazards and disasters little research has...
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