Management Information System

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The information database designed for Sam Bakery (refer to the Appendices section for the forms) will basically serve the roles of performance monitoring and decision support. From these roles stem a complex web of business data that the database aims to organize into useful information. This wealth of information, in turn, is subject to evaluation so that the roles of monitoring performance and supporting management decisions could be realized. The following questions were answered and they served as a guide in the creation of the database’ schematic design: QUESTION 1: How is SAM going to use this information? What does it want to accomplish by storing the information in this database?

SAM Bakery is going to use the information from the database by evaluation of its contents and taking corresponding action required from the results of the evaluation. It was stated in the case that the company would like to design a database that will allow them to generate an invoice for each sale, a monthly account for each client and a full inventory of raw materials and finished breading, which is exactly what the information database will provide them once they start using the system. As discussed in brief at the introductory paragraph, there are two functions of keeping an information database: for performance monitoring and decision support. How does SAM benefit from the database in terms of performance monitoring? Management Information Systems (MIS) are not just a bunch of figures and statistics. They are meaningful information stored for analysis and evaluation of the firm’s performance. They help to establish relevant and measurable objectives, monitor results and performances (reach ratios) and most importantly, send alerts, in some cases daily, to managers at each level of the organization, on all deviations between results and pre-established objectives and budgets. What does SAM hope to gain in basing their...
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