Management and Eastern Hemisphere

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Asia Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: November 25, 2012
1. Since arriving in Singapore, Lancaster has formulated several opinions about the health of the Eastern Hemisphere organization. What are the concerns both now and for the future? ➢ Lancaster’s concerns now are as below:

He found that there was a major disparity in the management style of people here. Some had styles that emphasized employee empowerment. Others were of the old authoritarian school.; the managers here didn’t seem to be growing or developing; there were some problems with the existing management assessment and development system and it needed to be changed. Managers still were using a MBO-type system that had been replaced in the U.S. some time ago. Lancaster believed strongly in ADP and had seen it change the management and culture of Black & Decker in the U.S. He also knew that 360。Feedback might not be universally embraced because of cultural differences. Now, Lancaster has been faced a difficult decision as to whether he should accept a new performance appraisal and management development system presented to him by Anita Lim, manager of Human Resources, or introduce a U.S.-designed Appraisal Development Plan (ADP) throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. For the future, Lancaster wanted to change culture and more effectively develop the people, while he thought building managers here had been difficult, for there was a limited supply of truly talented managers available, Lancaster worried about the lack of management strength in his organization. The brutal competition the company was facing throughout the region made him particular sensitive to the need for more and better managers. With Lim’s new hybrid plan, Lancaster began to have concerns about moving forward. On the one hand, he was convinced that ADP could provide significant benefits in terms of management training and development. On the other hand, he knew he would need the human resource staff’s full support if ADP were ever to be successfully implemented.

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