Man Needs the Environment

Topics: Life, Biology, Ecosystem Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The environment is the place wherein man lives; it is his dwelling place. Man and the environment has a significant connection which entails that man cannot be detached from it, because his awareness and knowledge about things are both gained from his experiences that take place within his surroundings. Consequently, man tries to settle himself in his environment, both social and physical approaches, in order live life effectively and productively. Man and the social environment. A quality that distinguishes man from other animals is his social nature. Man cannot be compared with other animals because he is placed above and dwells in a habitat where a social interaction is a prerequisite and basic function. “No man is an island; no man can stand alone.” – This saying implies that man is intrinsically a social being. He cannot detach himself from others and all other creatures in the world; he is intended to be a being-that-exists-with-others-in-the-world. Man has his respective social roles: being-through-others, being-with-others, and being-for-others. These social roles would help an individual establish his social identity. Man is a being-through-others. From man’s conception and birth, he is dependent on other people. He cannot grow up, work, and live neither as efficiently nor effectively, except through others. His life and death will only have meaning when considered in reference to others like him. Also, man is considered as a being-with-others. Despite the efforts to live independently, man cannot and should not live in total isolation rather he should deal and mingle with the people around him. His togetherness towards other creatures characterizes human nature. And in dealing with other individuals, he builds up inter-human relationships. As a result of the social bonds from these relationships, man’s major social needs: attention, affection, and acceptance are being fulfilled. Moreover, with the inter-human relationships he has and the exposure to...
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