Man Created God

Topics: God, Universe, Conceptions of God Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Man created God

God is a social construct created by man. In a sense, man created his own personal god. In the early human civilization, man, to explain the things that to them are unexplainable created the concept of God. It started during the early days of human civilization, were people organized themselves as groups and lived their daily lives with activities that will enable them to survive this world like hunting, gathering, etc. Then they realized their own limitations as human being so in turn they created this concept of super natural powers to explain calamities, phenomena and things that are happening around them that are not in power. However, as years, decades, centuries and millenniums pass not only the way of human life evolved but ideas as well. More and more of this supernatural phenomenon were explained through Science. Ideas truly changed as well and the existence of God was truly put in question. Religion and Science was two opposing fields right from the start. Science opposed religion’s story of creation with theories of evolution and big bang and many others. St. Thomas Aquinas, the one who was considered the greatest theologian of all times tried to prove the existence of God long ago through his work of Summa Theologica. He mentioned the unmoved mover. In the beginning of the universe, whether it was the big bang theory, or another theory, we say there is a substance containing all matter that is the starting point of all material substance in the universe. This material substance, as we see it everywhere, cannot be a cause or a mover, if it is not moved or altered and it cannot be account for its own existence. The action for it to move needs to be caused from outside it. The force that caused it all was believed to be the unmoved mover, which many believe as God. However, God as a first cause was not stated that he exist the same way humans exist. Because if it were the case, then if octagons can think, they will...
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