Man 4120 Virtual Teams Final Project

Topics: Collaborative software, Groupware, Collaboration Pages: 13 (4448 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Florida International University. MAN4120 - Managing Virtual Teams - Sections RVC & RPC - Spring 2013. Professor Jose Rocha.

Final Virtual Teams - Software/Technology Productivity Tools Research Reports. WWW.MANAGEPRO.COM WWW.CENTRALDESKTOP.COM WWW.BASECAMP.COM

Prepared by: High Performance Virtual Team 1.
Gonzalez, Isidro Medina, German Pariente, Allison Vazquez, Yanet


Section 1 - Software/Technology Productivity Tools Research and Integration Report This section focuses on the main critical issues, best practices, and lessons learned in the business world for implementing an integrated collaboration solution with three cloud-based collaboration tools: ManagePro, CentralDesktop, and BaseCamp as a unified virtual collaboration tool. The technology research is based on information found on a number of different websites, white papers, and user blogs. As in our previous software productivity tools research reports on all three cloudbased software tools, our research team has found many similarities within the systems. Both ManagePro and Central Desktop are capable of providing cloud computing for teams and individuals that must share work and knowledge together. However, Central Desktop departs from these similarities in that it offers “social bridges” for integrating social networks such as twitter, Facebook, etc. ManagePro does not. BaseCamp seems to be more focused on project management capabilities and it’s geared more towards project managers that require seamless, online collaboration and complex corporate projects. Most of the research conducted showed common issues, best practices, and lessons learned across many of the web-based groupware programs. Let us now take a look at those common grounds for these tools. Critical Issues:  Learning Curve – In order to successfully integrate these Managing Virtual Teams Software/Technology Productivity Tools in a medium size organization for its day-to-day operations and projects all over the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, the company would have to train its employees to properly and effectively use each software. 3|Page

The adaptation time it would take team members to be set up, trained, and get used to the program would have to be taken into account when deciding to integrate these tools. In addition, since the tools have similar benefits such as team collaboration tools, the company would have to decide and outline the specific use for each software, in order for the information to flow easily and there are no problems as to where each team would have to go to for each of their needs. While Central Desktop and Basecamp offer customer support included with the license, they do limit the number of cases solved per team, and ManagePro’s technical support is available at a fee of $30 per incident (15 minutes). These limitations might limit the willingness of team members asking for support should they need help with any program issues, since the team would be spending capital every time they do, and they might instead go without getting help with their technical issues.  Team culture – Trust, team cohesiveness and collaboration are essential to have on a virtual team. When considering the integration of the three tools, the company must keep in mind that many of its members will be located in different time zones, with schedules, making it difficult for all members to have a cohesive collaboration. Integrating three different software could damage team culture, since the information could be scattered among different sites/clouds, members could be confused as where to go to communicate or share information. This could create an absence of collegiality, in addition to the inability to understand nonverbal cues, especially across different cultures, and the fact that during virtual meetings the members do not have enough time to build a trusting relationship.  Privacy – Privacy is an issue to consider when integrating the three...
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