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eChris Quarti
Honors English III
What is Malpractice and how does it occur? Is taking a trip to the doctor worth it when medical malpractice which has been reported to be the third leading cause of death in the United States? Is this trip to the clinic for the simple flu or minor surgery worth the chance of death?

Malpractice is a word to describe any treatment, in which there was a lack of treatment, or a mistake in in the practice of the doctor. This can also be described as a failure to use the degree of skill and profession, resulting in the injury, loss, or damage to the person receiving care. (Diversified Health Occupations page 57).This negligent act can range from birth complications all the way to death. An example is a physician not administering a tetanus injection when a patient has a puncture wound. 12,000 deaths are from unnecessary surgery, 7,000 from medication errors, 20,000 from other error, 80,000 from infection in the hospital, and 106,000 from non-error adverse effects of medications.

Medical malpractice can occur for many different reasons, usually a distraction, but can range from just a general mistake to lack of treatment. Miscommunication on which side the operation is to take place on or mishearing what I said can lead to this negligent act. This is also listed as an unnecessary surgery or wrong-site surgery. Misdiagnosis can lead to death in a patient, if it’s not diagnosed fast enough or is diagnosed wrong. Doctors and surgeons on call will go hours without sleep, and will be exhausted when seeing patients. It’s a scary thought to have someone performing a surgery on the body and to be sleeping. An infection from not sterilizing an operating room before the surgery can lead to an infection. A wrong prescription for your disease may allow your disease take you to your demise. A delayed treatment can lead to an untimely death, such as in swine flu. Leaving equipment in the body after surgery causing...
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