Malory Towers- Second Form at Malory Towers

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Malory2 – Second Form at Malory Towers – Blyton, Enid.
Back to Malory Towers Again.
I’ve simply loved the hols," said Darrell, as she got into her father's car, ready to set off to school once more. "But I'm glad it's time for school again. I've been eight weeks away from it!” "Well, well, how simply terrible!" said her father. Is your mother ready, or must I hoot? It's an extraordinary thing that Fm always the first one ready. Ah, here comes Mother!” Mrs. Rivers hurried down the steps. "Oh dear, have I kept you waiting?" she said. "The telephone went at the last minute. It was Sally Hope's mother, Darrell, asking what time we shall be along to pick up Sally and take her with us." Sally Hope was Darrell’s best friend. Mr. Rivers, Darrell's father, was motoring them both down to Malory Towers, their school in Cornwall They were setting off very early so that they would be there before dark, and Sally was going with them. "I hate leaving home but I just can't help being excited at going back again," said Darrell. This will be my fifth term at Malory Towers, Mother—and I'm to be in the Second Form. I shall feel grand!" "Well, you're thirteen now. so it's time you went up," said her mother, settling down in the car. 'You will quite look down on the first form, won't you?—think they are mere babies!” "I suppose I shall," said Darrell with a laugh. "Well, the third form look down on us—so we're all kept in our places!" "There's your little sister waving to you," said her

father, as the car slid down the drive. "She will miss you, Darrell." Darrell waved frantically. "Good-bye. Felicity!” she yelled. "You'll be coming to Malory Towers some-time, then well go together!" The car purred out of the drive into the road. Darrell took a last look back at her home. She would not see it again for three months. She felt a little sad—but then, being a sensible girl, she cheered up at once and set her thoughts on Malory Towers. She had grown to love her school very much in the last year, and she was proud that she belonged to it. Four terms in the first form with Miss Potts lay behind her—now she had a year in the second form to look forward to. They arrived at Sally Hope's house in an hour's time. Sally was ready for them, her school trunk and her night-case standing beside her on the steps. With her was her mother, and by them stood a toddler of about eighteen months, clutching at Sally's hand. "Hallo, Sally! Hallo, Daffy!" shouted Darrell in excitement. "Good, you're ready!" The trunk was put in the boot at the back of the car with Darrell’s. The night-case was strapped on the grid. Sally's lacrosse stick was shoved in with the odds and ends, and then she got in herself. "Want to come too!" called Daffy, her eyes full of tears as she saw her beloved Sally going away. "Good-bye. Mother dear! I’ll write as soon as I can!" called Sally. "Good-bye. Daffy darling." The car slid off again, and Daffy began to howl. Sally looked a little upset "I hate leaving Mother." she said, "and now I hate leaving Daffy, too. She's lovely now—she can run everywhere, and she talks awfully well." "Do you remember how yon hated her when she was a baby?" said Darrell. "Now I bet you wouldn't be without her. It's fun to have a sister."

"Yes, I was horrid to her." said Sally, remembering. That was an awful first term I had at Malory Towers—I was so miserable. thinking I’d been sent away from home to make room for Daffy, the new baby. I hated you too, Darrell—isn't it queer to think of?" "And now we're best friends," said Darrell with a laugh. I say—who do you think win be head of the second form this term, Sally? Katherine's in the third form now, so she won't be. It'll be somebody else." "Alicia perhaps." said Sally. "She's about the oldest"

I know—but do you think she would make a good head?" said Darrell, doubtfully. "I know she's awfully clever, and gets top marks in anything—but don't you think she's too fond of playing the fool?" "She might stop that if...
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