Malcom X

Topics: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Malcolm X Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother mrs.little, was a occupied woman with eight kids His father, was an outspoken minister .Regardless of the Little's in 1929 their home was burned to the ground. Two years later, malcolms dad body was found lying across the town's tacks. Police ruled both incidents as accidents,. Growing up .

Malcolm was a smart, focused student. He graduated from junior high at the top of his class. However, when a favorite teacher told Malcolm his dream of becoming a lawyer was "no realistic goal for a nigger," Malcolm lost interest in school. He dropped out, spent some time in Boston, working various of odd jobs, and then traveled to New York where he committed lots of crimes. Eventually Malcolm moved back to Boston. In 1946 he was arrested and convicted on burglary charges, Malcolm was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Recalling his days in school, he used the time to further his education. It was during this period of self-enlightenment that Malcolm's brother would visit and discuss his recent conversion to the Muslim religion. his brother belonged to the religious organization the Nation of Islam (NOI). then Malcolm began to study the teachings of NOI leader Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad taught that white society actively worked to keep African-Americans from empowering themselves and achieving political, economic and social success. Among other goals, the NOI fought for a state of their own, separate from one inhabited by white people. By the time he was paroled in 1952, Malcolm was a devoted follower with the new surname "X." (He considered "Little" a slave name and chose the "X" to signify his lost tribal name.) Intelligent Malcolm was appointed as a minister and national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Malcolm read newspaper columns, as well as radio and television to communicate the NOI's message across the United States. His charisma, drive and attracted number of new members. Malcolm...
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