Malcolm X by No Means Necessary

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Aloha! I am Yazhu, Fu, from the other side of Pacific Ocean---China. Flying all the way down here, San Diego, a gorgeous coastal city, I can’t wait to set off my adventure here exploring the sunshine, beaches, delicacies , people and most importantly, the life style here! I’ve already gotten a glimpse of them from the orientation--- the bus city tour and from the first week of trying to crashing classes. Such a contrast between the cozy, casual atmosphere in the attraction places and the fast pace and intense class hours in the school! However, that’s exactly where I like. Like working in the hospitality industry, outstanding people work almost 24/7 without a breath yet enjoy every second of their fantastic vacation. By the way, I believe those couches in 24/7 library may already have a memorable close contact with me. Born in a small town which was barely touched by commercial civilization and whose architectures still remained antique, I grew up around extremely hospitable People. Networking was crucial to doing business there, which resulted from close relationship among people. Naturally, I became a positive and an out-going girl despite of my true introverted nature. Later experience of leaving home to study in a bigger city where commercial economy was much more advanced helped me nurture the ability to adapt to new environment quickly and handle the clashes and conflicts across different communities or cultures well. This is who I am, flexible, adaptable, and enduring; I am like a wild seed, throw me in whatever environment, I can still bloom and blossom! You must know, “zhu” in Chinese means “ bamboo”, which in some way shapes me into being keeping pushing forward to exploit my own territory. I would like to be a pioneer to those off-beaten tracks and fields and discover a whole new world to show people outside. Thus, being an international travel guide is definitely a “yes-yes” for me. With a laptop, from hiking along with the...
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