Making the Most Difficult Decision of My Life

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  • Published : April 30, 2011
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A Difficult Decision 1

Making the Most Difficult Decision of My Life
A Difficult Decision 2 Abstract This Essay will discuss, the history and all research I did online and in different books about Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus some facts that I have recently found on new Drugs and Nano Bio-Technology. Also a new Article that supports a theory of mine that I have had for years. The most difficult decision that I ever had to, was to except that my dad had Alzheimer’s and put him in a Nursing Home.

A Difficult Decision 3 Making the Most Difficult Decision of My Life This started back the fall of 1996, I started noticing dad forgetting a lot of simple things and getting upset & argue about them too. He thought people were moving things on him to make him go crazy. In fact he actually put them there and forgot he had done it himself. My wife and I worked in a Nursing Home, she was full time and I was part time. So We were able to pick up on the symptoms, quicker than everyone else did. Still didn’t make it easier, cause my dad and I were very close, as close as a Father and son could be. I was the only child that he was able to raise from a gleam in his eye to adulthood. So there was a lot jealously between my brothers and sister, and my friends too, cause they thought I had the...
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